EeriCity Pink City Pixel Art GIF

There is a pink gloom in the darkness of EeriCity. These properties in EeriCity Pink are quite diverse and have many interesting details. If you are a cat person, that’s really great because I have seen a few cats running around here. The city pixelart set consists of only 10 unique GIF images in size 512 x 512 px. It will not be extended.

"Welcome to EeriCity Pink, a fictional city with 10 NFT properties for sale. All are available in the Opensea NFT collection! Enjoy your stay and I hope you find an NFT you like."

Cat On The Roof
Office Building
Luxury Apartments
Train Station
Downtown Train
Donut Shop
Statue Park
Small Villa
Eastside Apartments
Pink Cocktail Bar / Bonus NFT

This is where you can have a cocktail and meet people in EeriCity Pink! You can get one of 100 free NFTs with the cocktail bar pixel art! Just contact me with your wallet address!