EeriCity Green City Pixel Art GIF

Buy your property in EeriCity Green! Would you like a cozy little apartment building or a relaxing house at the beach? This NFT pixel art collection brings you an eerie green city with many little details to discover. The city pixelart set consists of only 10 unique GIF images in size 512 x 512 px. It will not be extended.

"Welcome to EeriCity Green, a fictional city with 10 NFT properties for sale. All are available in the Opensea NFT collection! Enjoy your stay and I hope you find an NFT you like."

Neighborhood Shop
Old Apartments
Coffee Shop
Cocktail Bar
Hotel With Pool
Beach House
Highrise Homes
Industrial Plant
Old Town Houses
Cozy Apartments
Pixlburgr Restaurant / Bonus NFT

Pixlburgr is the most popular burger restaurant in EeriCity Green! You can get one of 100 free give-away NFTs of this pixel art! Please contact me to get it!