Daniel Köpf / Pixel Art Artist

Hello! I am a 44 years old family father from Germany. I usually do online marketing, but I would love to do pixel art as my source of income. At least I want to give it a try. I am very open for any suggestion how I can improve. Just get in touch with me!

What is Pixel Art anyway?

Pixel art has its origin in the first computer games. In the mid-1980s, computers were unable to render detailed graphics. The earliest games were made with simple pixel graphic. This meant that someone had to create a visual animation out of a very limited number of color blocks.

The low resolution of the early video games prevented developers from including detailed graphics. As a result, artists had to innovate to create realistic-looking images with only few pixels and a small color palette. However, pixel art evolved and began to use more complex graphics in later years.

Today you can see pixel art artists including smooth color gradients and even photography. While pixel art is best known for its use in video games, it has also made its way into music videos and art galleries.

Home Decoration with Pixel Art

Incorporating colorful pixel art in your home is a great way to inject a pop of color into the living space. Some people prefer a framed print while others opt for a pillow with pixel art design. There are plenty of ideas to create an eye catcher with pixel art. Whatever your choice will be, you’ll have colorful artwork in your home without breaking the bank. If you’re unsure of what type of pixel art to choose, try some of my ideas!

Pixel Art by Daniel Köpf

If you want to bring bright colors into a room, my pixel art may be just what you been looking for! I create pixel art characters made of different elements that are being rearranged to create large collections of characters to choose from. The predominant colors in my pixel art are blue and green, as well as orange and citrus hues. These bright colors will make you smile and feel good.

There are 10 different background colors you can mix and match. The male and female pixel art characters feature things like suitcases, snorkel, drinks, swimwear and even pets. This adds to the relaxed style you love to see in your home.

Buy my Pixel Art as PNG File

Please note: I am not selling actual prints. You can buy my pixel art as high resolution PNG file in the size of 5000 x 5000 px for only USD $2. The reason for this is that this website has visitors from all around the world and each one has different options for getting prints.

The Pixel Art Character Gallery

Meet Henry, Karen, Jason and Alicia, my man and woman pixel art characters with lots of variations and on 10 different background colors. The collections is being published in parts, each with 50 images.

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Collection Part 1 (March 2022)

Collection Part 2 (April 2022)

Collection Part 3 (likely also April 2022)

Collection Part 4 ( May 2022)

Contact me with special Requests!

You want to see a character holding a specific item or wear certain clothing? No Probem! Just get in contact with me!

Upcoming Projects

Henry, Karen, Jason and Alicia will likely be accompanied by some robot characters, which will also have many different features. This will probably happen in part 4 of the collection. So please bookmark this website and check again later.